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Internationaal (ICMCI)

De Ooa is samen met ruim 50 andere landen aangesloten bij de ICMCI, de International Council of Management Consulting Institutes. Binnen de Ooa zijn een kleine 500 leden CMC, wat staat voor Certified Management Consultant.

Sinds 1989 is de Ooa aangesloten bij de ICMCI. De ICMCI is in 1987 opgericht om een mondiale standaard te bieden voor  organisatieadviseurs. De doelstelling van het ICMCI is om wereldwijd het niveau van organisatieadviseurs te verhogen. Dit niveau is vastgelegd in een standaard waarvoor certificaten worden uitgereikt. Daarnaast ondersteunt de ICMCI de ontwikkelingen van organisaties op nationaal niveau en moedigt ze aan kennis, netwerk en interactie tussen de verschillende nationale verenigingen te bewerkstelligen.    

Waarom is de Ooa lid van de ICMCI?
Ieder jaar vindt er een congres plaats in een van de aangesloten landen, afgelopen jaar bijvoorbeeld in Zuid Afrika. De Ooa stuurt daar drie afgevaardigden naar toe. Tijdens dat congres worden diverse voorstellen ter besluit in stemming genomen. Tijdens het jaarcongres 2013 is afgesproken dat nationale verenigingen hun verbinding met de ICMCI en CMC tot uitdrukking brengen door 'CMC + betreffende land' te voeren. Omdat de Ooa dit als een nuttige aanvulling ziet voeren wij dit toe in de vorm van een onderschrift bij het bestaande logo: CMC the Netherlands. 
Als lid van de ICMCI mag de Ooa in Nederland certificaten uitreiken aan individuele organisatieadviseurs. Dit certificaat is een wereldwijde standaard voor individuele adviseurs. Om te bepalen of een adviseur zich CMC mag noemen, wordt deze getoetst op een aantal standaarden. 

Wat heeft u als lid eraan?    
Het lidmaatschap van de Ooa bij ICMCI biedt u als Ooa lid voordelen. Een CMC certificaat geeft u internationale (h)erkenning als organisatieadviseur. U krijgt een set van (communicatie)materialen zodat u de titel extern kunt uitdragen. De ICMCI en de Ooa bieden een continue ondersteuning door training, kennisdeling en netwerk zodat u zich blijft ontwikkelen als CMC.

Een aantal bestuursleden vertegenwoordigt de belangen van de Ooa binnen de ICMCI. De academic fellows leggen zich toe op het verbinden van de wetenschappelijke wereld in ICMCI-verband.


Voor meer informatie over de ICMCI kunt u zich richten tot een van de trustees of het secretariaat.

Meer informatie CMC - ICMCI brochure >>

Hieronder treft u de laatste nieuwsberichten van de ICMCI.


ICMCI Resolutions: Announcement of the result of the Trustee Vote

To All IMC's, chairmen, presidents, directors and committee members;

I am delighted to be able to announce the results of the voting on the Resolutions arising from the Business meeting at the 2013 Congress in Johannesburg, South Africa.

All resolutions were accepted by the trustees.
Although the bylaws only require a simple majority of those voting, it is notable that all resolutions were accepted by a majority of all trustees.

The table of the results re:-
2013/14 Resolution Final voting figures

Eligible to vote


Votes cast





Votes for


Votes against





















































This document includes the text of the resolutions and the votes cast for each.

I thank every trustee who voted for their consideration of the affairs of ICMCI, and the two Secretariats for their care and probity in administering this election.

Yours in consulting

With kind regards,

Brian Ing

Secretary ICMCI 2013-2015


Outcom of ExCom Elections

Dear Trustees and Office Bearers of Member Institutes

It is my pleasure to inform you of the decisions of the electorate in the selection of the Executive Committee of ICMCI 2013-2015.

We had a record turnout of 100% voters who participated enthusiastically in the balloting process; a record number of geographically spread candidates seeking election; and a first ever electronic voting process, in addition to a few process improvements in the way it was managed.

I am delighted to inform you that the majority has voted for the following candidates and the results have been approved by all on the NSPC. Your ExCom for the years 2013-2015 is:

1. Chairman: Tim Millar CMC (Australia)
2. Treasurer: Dwight Mihalicz CMC (Canada)
3. Secretary: Brian Ing CMC (United Kingdom)
4. Vice Chairs:
a. Rob Bodenstein CMC (Austria)
b. Sorin Caian CMC (Romania)
c. Elena Yuzkova CMC (Ukraine)
d. Kim Karme CMC (Finland)
e. Chayaditt Hutanuwatra CMC (Thailand)

The new ExCom will assume their responsibilities as at the close of the Business Meeting to be held after the Biennial Congress in Johannesburg on September 28, 2013, and it will continue in office until the close of the Business meeting in 2015.

We wish the new ExCom all success in facing the challenges ahead.

With best regards
Aneeta Madhok, PhD CMC
Chair – Nominations and Succession Planning Committee
Immediate Past Chair – ICMCI ExCom


ICMCI 2013 Congress - South Africa
The ICMCI is the pre-eminent body of the Management Consulting profession. With a presence in over 50 countries the ICMCIs biennial Congress is an important working meeting for all to attend.
In addition to a number of Committee initiatives that need trustee review and engagement, a good portion of the agenda will be devoted to ‘the role of ICMCI and the IMCs in developing the consulting community and positively impacting the local and global economies’.
25 - 28,  September,  2013
- To be a leader and to make a difference in our international community, share experiences, and represent your country;
- To meet and learn from others who are raising the level and visibility of our profession; 
- To participate in charting the ICMCI’s course for the next 5 years
Who:  ICMCI trustees and leading management consultants from around the globe
To register:
Please visit: www.imcsa.org.za/2013icmcicongress
A special programme can be found for spouses and extended tours, also through the congress website above.
The Congress is an opportunity to position your country on the world map of the management consulting profession



Dear Trustees, ICMCI Executive Committees and colleagues,
This email is being sent on behalf of IMC Thailand
We are very pleased to be able to send you promotional information, agenda and registration form of the ICMCI Asia Pacific Hub Meeting 2013 being hosted by The Institute of Management Consultants Association of Thailand (IMC Thailand) on:
Dates: 25 to 27 April 2013
Venue: The Landmark Bangkok, Bangkok Thailand

We wish to see as many CMC and IMC members present as possible, to share, exchange global views towards the establishment of AEC in the region and exploring opportunities and collaborations among consultants. The event will also be attended by other stakeholders and major consultancy players from various business sectors.  
We invite you, as IMCs, to join this event and you may help promote this event via your website, your member and other newsletters, to CMCs, other IMC members,  and to your other external contacts and partner organisations.  
Delegate bookings are now available –  you can find event information and on-line registration through the following link: http://ap-hub.imct.or.th/ (note : it works well on Google Chrome web browser. You can download Chrome with https://www.google.com/intl/en/chrome/browser/)

In terms of hotel accommodation, you can find the reservation form in http://www.landmarkbangkok.com/imct2013/

Should there be any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us at your convenience.
We look forward to welcoming you all here in Bangkok, The City of Angels

Kind regards
Huang | Boonyavee T.
The Institute of Management Consultants Association of Thailand
140 One Pacific Place, 17th Floor, Unit 1706 Sukhumvit Rd.,
Klongtoey, Bangkok 10110, Thailand
Tel. + 66 2 653 1399  Fax + 66 2 653 1599
E-mail ; director@cmcthailand.org
Website : www.imct.or.th


Recruitment of a CEO for ICMCI

Dear Colleagues
It is with great pleasure that we provide you (herewith) with a copy of the Job Description for the recruitment of a CEO for ICMCI.  I urge you to please distribute this document widely to all of your members and to all relevant contacts of your IMC – inviting  them to consider applying for the role. You should note that applications close on February 14th, 2013. Full details on how and where to apply are provided in the document.
In addition we are seeking the assistance of an experienced International Recruitment firm to help prepare a long-list of applicants (7-8) from the applications received; to conduct reference and background checks; and to provide Psychological Profiling of the same on a pro-bono basis.  Expressions of interest for this assistance close on February 7th, 2013.  The EOI is herewith also, and again we hope that you will support us in seeking the services of such a firm.  If you have any contacts in this area please pass this document to them.
We look forward to informing you of the outcome of the recruitment and to seeing ICMCI grow to a new level of professional management.
Yours sincerely
Francesco D’Aprile, Chair of ICMCI and
Tim Millar, member of ExCom and Chair of CEO Recruitment Task Force


EBRD procurement oppertunity - of interest to IMC's

Dear Colleagues
As you are aware ICMCI, through our various ExCom efforts, have been developing a working relationship and business links with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.  For those Trustees present at the Budapest and Orlando events, you saw the outcomes of this in person and the positive links being established.  Our Youtube Video Message jointly celebrating the 2012 International Management Consultant Day is another positive example.
As part of our prospective cooperation with EBRD, ICMCI has been asked by the Business Advisory Service of the Bank to share with ICMCI members the following ‘Procurement Notice’.  This prospective opportunity is focused on:
The EBRD does not seek to engage individual experts for this Assignment.   It is seeking to engage one or more Consultancies (academic institutions, associations or consulting companies etc.) with the following profile:
1. Previous project experience in the design of bespoke training programmes covering similar training subjects 
2. Previous project experience in the design of bespoke training programmes for MSMEs.
3. Preferably previous project experience in the design of bespoke training programmes for individual consultants or micro and small consulting firms.
4. Preferably previous experience in delivering any, or ideally all, of the above in relation to the EBRD's countries of operation, or similar business environments.
Further information can be found at:
This is an excellent opportunity for those IMCs who fit the above requirements, to share knowledge and expertise and become involved in major projects, as key players in the Management Consulting industry.
We therefore encourage you to take this message and disseminate it to your members.  Please then take up any interest directly with the EBRD, using the web link above.
It would be excellent if you could keep ICMCI informed  (through the Secretariat) of any developments; your level of interest; your active application and the outcomes.
Kind regards



Francesco D’Aprile
Chair of ICMCI


ICMCI - message from the chairman -follow up annual meeting in Orlando, Florida

Dear Colleagues

As you know, the annual meeting of ICMCI was held in Orlando, Florida, in early October.  We held 3 days of constructive debate on the key actions and initiatives that ICMCI is working on, emphasising the strategic direction we are pursuing to fulfil the commitments set out in our Breakthrough strategy*.  There were discussions on, amongst other things, the large firms project, global IMC, CMC International, an international conference, the ISO project, Links with Academia,  as well as on the sustainability of the organisation through provision of executive support.  We also presented budget proposals for the next 2 years.  There was a frank exchange of views, and Trustee feedback is now being actively considered by the ExCom.

I am therefore writing to inform you that the views of the Trustees are giving rise to further consideration in the ExCom on the next steps.  Then Excom will take the lead to issue formal Resolutions for Trustees to vote on, to take ICMCI forward in its strategic initiatives.

The ExCom will meet on 14 November to consider the final proposals and formal resolutions to be put to Trustees.  Those Resolutions will be issued to Trustees immediately following that meeting, with supporting background information.  We will then be asking Trustees to indicate their support.

You will therefore receive a further communication from us on 15 November.  If you have any questions in the meantime, please send these to the Secretariat and we will respond to you.
Many thanks and kind regards

Francesco D’Aprile
Chair of ICMCI
*) We will start pilot projects on the following priorities:
•         An IMC for CMCs in countries where no IMC yet exists;
•         CMC International: a new designation for CMCs with high level international experience;
•         A new website for ICMCI as a vehicle for better branding and marketing;
•         A regional conference (in Lithuania, July 2013) as a revenue generating activity;
•         ICMCI Fellow: a recognition for academics creating higher involvement in ICMCI;
•         Endorsed qualification scheme: also creating closer links with academia;
•         An executive director for ICMCI.

Constantinus International Award

Dear Sir or Madam,

We are happy to inform you that the winners of the first Constantinus International Award were announced on October 6, 2011 at the festive occasion of the 2011 ICMCI Biennial Congress in Taipei. In front of international representatives of the management consulting branch, the prizes were awarded to the following management consultancies:

  • The Gold Medal went to FLUIDTIME DATA SERVICES from Austria and was awarded to the representative of the Austrian Association of Management Consultancy by Mrs. Caroline Cheng, Business Manager of Swarovski Taiwan.
  • The Silver Medal for VIALTO CONSULTING Ltd. was presented to the representative of the Hungarian national institute by Dr. Walter Höfle, Austrian Trade Commissioner in Taipei.
  • Another Silver Medal was bestowed upon the CHINA CONSULTANTS OF ADVISORY AND FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT co.ltd (CCAFM) by Aneeta Madhok, Phd, CMC, Chairperson of ICMCI.

You may find photos of this event on the website of Constantinus International Award. For further information on the submitted projects and national nominees, please click here! The press release regarding the bestowal of the Constantinus International Award is available here.

The outstanding projects submitted to the Constantinus International Award were presented to an international jury of professionals in the branch and demonstrate that the services and know-how provided by management consultants all around the world deserve international reputation and attention. Therefore, we are looking forward to the next Constantinus International Award and invite you cordially to participate in this great project.

For further information, please contact the ICMCI office (info@icmci.org) or Constantinus Club (office@constantinus.net).

Best regards,

Aneeta Madhok, CMC, Immediate Past Chair ICMCI
Francesco d’Aprile, CMC, Chair ICMCI
Ilse Ennsfellner, CMC, Vice Chair ICMCI

Documents for the 2011 Biennial Congress ICMCI

Dear Delegate, dear Trustee,

We are pleased to inform you about the documents for the Taipei Biennial Congress, which will give you an idea of the planned agenda and for background reading (see attachment).
Click here to download all the documents.

You need not carry printouts because the entire set of documents will be available in the delegate kit specially designed for the congress.
If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. I am looking forward to see you all in Taipei!

With best wishes,
Aneeta Madhok
Chairperson ICMCI

International Council of Management Consulting Institutes (ICMCI)
P.O. Box 1058
3860 BB Nijkerk
The Netherlands
T: +31 33 247 34 70
F: +31 33 246 04 70
E: info@icmci.org
W: www.icmci.org

ICMCI elected officers for 2011-2013

Dear Executive Directors, Trustees and Presidents / Chairmen,

The Nominations and Succession Planning Committee (NSPC) are delighted to report the slate of elected ICMCI Officers for 2011 to 2013.

There were a total of 64 people (trustees) eligible to vote in the election.  As of the deadline for close of the ballot, midnight (Central European Time) Sunday September 11th, we are pleased to report that 62 completed and valid ballot papers had been received.  This unprecedented participation is taken as confirming the interest in ICMCI by trustees and confirmation that the candidates for the ICMCI offices are of significant and recognised quality.  The NSPC would like to thank all the candidates for their patient and professional involvement with the process, and to thank the trustees for their participation in the elections.

It is not ICMCI's practice to divulge the number of votes received by each candidate.  However, it is worth noting that the nominee for Chair was approved by all but one voter: the exception being driven by modesty to not vote for himself.  This is a powerful endorsement of the Chair for the next two years.

It is our pleasure to inform you that the results, as agreed to by NSPC, of the ICMCI elections for the officers for 2011-2013 resulted in the following ICMCI officers elect for 2011-2013:-

Chair:                              Francesco d'Aprile   
Secretary:                        Drumm McNaughton   
Treasurer:                        Sorin Caian   
Vice Chairs:                      Ilse Ennsfellner   
                                        Calvert Markham   
                                        Rob Wagenaar   
                                        Tim Millar   
                                        Anton Barisic   
Immediate past Chair:       Aneeta Madhok

The Committee wishes them individually and collectively wisdom and every success.

NSPC feel compelled to comment on a complaint e-mail sent to many Trustees (but not directly to NSPC) from the provisional ICMCI member in Kazakhstan, KAMC, regarding Drumm McNaughton, who has been, as announced above, elected Secretary. 
The nominations process includes a requirement that NSPC, on behalf of the Trustees, ensures that every nomination is complete and in order, and that the nominee is a fit and proper person to hold ICMCI office.  The committee took this duty seriously and had completed their checks before announcing the slate of candidates.  As far as the complaint e-mail is concerned;  a) it contained no new information that was not known to the Committee at the time of the vetting of candidates, b) it incorrectly alleged actions by one of the candidates were outside ICMCI rules, c) included many allegations against a respected founder member of ICMCI - IMC USA - which, of course, were of no relevance to the election outcome, and d) it was not presented until after the close of the ballot (and then not to the committee running the election directly on behalf of the Trustees).  For these reasons, the Committee had no inclination, desire or authority to reverse the clearly expressed support of a considerable majority of Trustees for the election to office of the individual.  The Committee proposes that the result of the election stands and so will present the new ExCom and Chair to the Trustees  in the Business Meeting in Taipei.

The Nominations and Succession Planning Committee congratulates all the successful candidates on their selection by the leading members of our honourable profession across the world, and thanks all candidates for stepping forward to stand for ICMCI office.  I would like to thank all the members of the committee for their persistence, tenacity and insightful comments throughout the nominations and election period.

Yours sincerely

Brian Ing
(on behalf of the entire nominations committee, Gerry Humphries, Fahrettin Otluoglu, Angelo Kehayas, Aneeta Madhok and Brian Ing)

Excom ICMCI in Nederland

Op 15 en 16 augustus 2011 was een afvaardiging van de Executive Committee (Excom) van the International Council of Management Consulting Institutes (ICMCI) in Nederland.
Op de tweede avond bespraken de Ooa bestuursleden/ trustees met de Excom leden de toekomstplannen van de ICMCI. De Ooa heeft in 2008 het initiatief genomen om de ICMCI op een hoger plan te brengen. Inmiddels is dat initiatief omgedoopt tot het ICMCI Breakthrough Strategy Project. BIj de voortgang van dat project blijft de Ooa graag nauw betrokken.

Raimond Fifis, verenigingsmanager Ooa
Aneeta Madhok, voorzitter ICMCI
Wim Visser, vice voorzitter en waarnemend voorzitter Ooa
Carolien de Monchy, Ooa bestuurslid en ICMCI trustee
Brian Ing ICMCI Excom lid
Rob Wagenaar, ICMCI excom lid
Marjo Dubbeldam, Ooa bestuur en ICMCI trustee
Francesco d'Aprile, ICMCI Excom lid en kandidaat voorzitter ICMCI

Extension early bird discount for ICMCI Biennial Congress

Dear Trustees, Office Bearers of member Institutes, all consultants,

As we have informed you on several occasions, the Biennial Congress of ICMCI:
"Developing the Global Consulting Community" Together Towards Taiwan is scheduled from October 5th to 8th 2011, at Taipei, Taiwan.
We want to inform you that the early bird discount is extended until August 21th, 2011. If you have not registered yet, please do so in the next few weeks and profit from the early bird discount!
More information regarding the Congress can be found on the ICMCI website.

Looking forward to greeting all in Taiwan.


Aneeta Madhok, PhD, CMC 

Charles Liu

Nominations for ExCom 2011-2013

Dear Trustees

We have been informing you all of the progress towards seeking nominations for the Officer Roles of ICMCI.  That is Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and Vice Chairs (5) roles.

The Nominations and Succession Planning is now formally inviting all interested in undertaking these roles to submit a completed nomination form  The completed form should be returned to the ICMCI Secretariat (icmci@icmci.org) by July 25th but an earlier return would be greatly appreciated.

The form has a single final page which includes the need for supporting signatures.  The signatures can be presented on single copies of this last page to ease the logistics of collecting the statements of support.  We would expect that candidates would have shown the complete form to those from whom they are seeking support.

Anyone who wishes to discuss the opportunities or the process are invited to talk to any member of the committee - their e-mails are included in the address line of this e-mail.

The committee look forward to receiving nominations from those who care about our profession and share our commitment to the future of ICMCI. 

Yours in consulting

Brian Ing CMC
Chair ICMCI Nominations and Succession Planning Committee

Nomination Form 2011-2013 final


Reminder for registration for "Developing the Global Consulting Community" Together Towards Taiwan

Dear Trustees, Office Bearers of member Institutes, all consultants,

Greetings from ICMCI. On the 14th of April an invitation for the forthcoming Biennial Congress of ICMCI “Developing the Global Consulting Community” Together Towards Taiwan, scheduled from October 5th to 8th 2011, at Taipei, Taiwan, was sent to you.
More information regarding the Congress can be found in the attached brochures and on the ICMCI website: www.icmci.org.
Do register if you have not done so already.
Looking forward to greeting all in Taiwan.


Aneeta Madhok, PhD, CMC            

Charles Liu

ICMCI Pre-Congress
ICMCI Congress
Registration-2011 biennial congress
Registration-2011 Pre-Congress Seminar



Results voting on Resolutions Jordan Conference 2010

Dear ICMCI Board of Trustees, Chairmen/Presidents and Executive Directors,

It is our duty to inform you all of the recent vote on the resolutions arising from the Jordan Conference in September 2010. We confirm that 58 votes were cast, out of a maximum possible of 63. The process was in accord with the procedures and bylaws of ICMCI.

Resolutions For Against Abstention Votes cast
Resolution 1. Breakthrough (1) 55 2 1 58
Resolution 2. Breakthrough (2) 54 2 2 58
Resolution 3. Breakthrough (3) 53 3 2 58
Resolution 4. Breakthrough (4) 50 3 5 58
Resolutions 4A. Breakthrough 48 3 7 58
Resolution 5. PSC (1) 58 0 0 58
Resolution 6. PSC (2) 54 2 2 58
Resolution 7. IAF 56 1 1 58
Resolution 8. ILO 58 0 0 58
Resolution 9. International Consulting Award 50 7 1 58
Resolution 10. Finance (1) 57 1 0 58
Resolution 11. Finance (2) 54 4 0 58
Resolution 12. Finance (3) 56 1 1 58
* "A" votes on 4A: 43, "B" votes on 4A: 5        

The requirement for a resolution to be adopted by ICMCI is for a 50% majority of Trustees to vote for the resolution.  This requirement would be achieved with 32 votes for a resolution.  We declare that all ten resolutions have been adopted.

We are delighted to see a nearly 92% participation by Trustees in the vote.

Kind regards,

Mark Nesbitt


SIGNPOSTS AND MILESTONES: Half Yearly Progress Report from ExCom - March 2010

Dear Trustees, Office Bearers and Executive Directors of member institutes, Volunteers on committees and task forces,
It is my pleasure to present to you the half yearly progress report from your Executive Committee for the period ending March 2010 as attached. We had presented this report at the Euro Hub meeting of Trustees in Bucharest last week and would now like to circulate it amongst all stakeholders. You might like to share with members of your institute and discuss the matters at meetings of your national committees, etc.
The purpose of this report is to keep you updated on the working of the ExCom and some definition of the ways forward. I do hope you would read this report with interest and engagement, as  communication of this sort has been much demanded by many trustees in the past. I hope it will meet the objective of keeping you informed as expected by you.
Your comments and feedback are always welcome.

More information about the Euro Hub meeting (presentations) can be found on the ICMCI website; http://www.icmci.org/library&collectionId=14655351
With best wishes
Aneeta Madhok
Chairperson (2009-2010)
International Council of Management Consulting Institutes (ICMCI)
P.O. Box 1058
3860 BB Nijkerk
The Netherlands
T: +31 33 247 34 70
F: +31 33 246 04 70
E: info@icmci.org
W: www.icmci.org

Briefing note 4 - Getting into print

Dear Colleagues and Participants in ICMCI

 Attached is the latest in the series of occasional ICMCI briefing papers.  As has been explained before these are prepared to help Members, are written as a once off  (that is to say not updated or maintained) and are offered as ideas for members to consider.  any Member can prepare a briefing note, and I would encourage you all to consider doing so as a way of building the sharing community of ICMCI.  So far, all the topics have been of particular interest to those running professional institutes.  The latest is similarly targeted, but of course could be useful to individual consultancies considering their own press practices.

We are convinced that between us we have a coherent and valuable set of messages about management consulting.  However saying them to ourselves has limited impact.  Many Members have professional media specialists and are adept at using the media, especially the print media.  However, many of the smaller Institute's struggle to get media exposure both through the lack of expertise and also through their smaller size gaining less attention.

The attached briefing note has been prepared on the basis of some experiences and from talking to PR specialists.  There are some very simple tips which if followed not only increases the extent of the media coverage, but also the quality obtained.  The tips are offered as suggestions.  The note can not cover every different culture and media arrangement, but it is hoped that all our Members will gain some insights and ideas from the briefing note.  We look forward to hearing of improved media coverage of our professional activities.

Best regards,

Aneeta Madhok
Chairperson, 2009-2011

Globalcmc.com - The web site for all CMCs

Dear Friends,
I am writing to you to introduce the Global CMC web site (previously referred to as CMC Direct)
During many of the international events organized by ICMCI in recent years, the participants felt themselves to be part of a prestigious worldwide professional community, the community of CMCs.
This feeling led many to ask ICMCI  to do something to build on this feeling and to establish a worldwide professional community. 
CMCI Marketing Committee, together with ICMCI ExCom, focused their efforts in this direction and have chosen, as a first step, to set up a specific web site focused only to CMCs.
Now we are ready to proceed from a development project of the last eighteen months, and we are delighted to introduce to you the  www.globalcmc.com web site.
This web site, under the control of ICMCI,  is focused to create value and services to all CMCs all over the world. It is a commercial web site where each of us will find the following main categories of services:
-          worldwide directory of CMCs: a directory that every CMC can point
           to to confirm their qualification and use to locate and interact with
           other CMCs (for instance in other countries where their clients are
           operating and the first CMC is unsure of the local conditions and
-          blogs and forum available for all CMCs
-          wikipedia, articles, links and other information coming form the top
           international sources s (Business Schools, Collaborative research
           Groups) : all of which will be useful to enable the CMCs to improve
           their professional knowledge
-          space where CMCs will be available to publish new and interesting
           articles and works related to the profession
-          space to advertise events, products and services
Please visit the site http://www.globalcmc.com/etc/cmc09.nsf/pages/inframelogin.html
and feel free to login by using
                                   user name: cmc icmci
                                   password:  icmci
Being included in the worldwide directory will be free of charge for all CMCs and IMCs, as well as being active and using blogs, forums and wikipedia and publishing articles.
As well as the free of charge services,  it is a commercial web site, so that space to advertise events, products and services together with downloading articles, will be charged.  It is this commercial part of the web site (and potential sponsoring by sponsors carefully vetted by ICMCI) that the free of charge services will be subsidised, this making the new web site of zero cost to ICMCI, ICMCI Member Institutes and the CMCs
We do believe it is a strong instrument useful for ICMCI to add value to all IMCs as well as for each IMC to their national CMCs. Additionally. clients and stakeholders will have the opportunity to be linked with the CMCs' world finding and checking for qualified management consultants, content and knowledge related with our profession.
We thank Mikael Jensen, CMC Sweden and his institute for their technical and professional support in setting up and managing this new web site. We will work together with them and with all of national IMCs to improve our CMC directory (we want to include all 10000 plus CMCs all over the world) and to promote our services at national level.
In this direction we kindly ask you, as representative of national IMC, to send your national CMC names to both the ICMCI Secretariat (info@icmci.org) and mjensen@exmi.se as the instruction says in the attached MS Excel file (CMC import 2009 Country v3.xls). Please send it as soon as you can.  The earlier that we have all the details of all the CMCs the faster  will we all benefit from the new facility. Right now we have data from China, Italy and Sweden.  We will be asking for this complete data from each Member of ICMCI once a year.  The old names will be deleted and the new list added.  This will ensure that lapsed CMCs are cleansed from the site on a regular basis.
With your support we will be able to set up new value and services for all CMCs member of a worldwide professional community. A new and effective tool useful for all of us to celebrate our professionalism and the international nature of our profession.
Francesco D’Aprile
Vice Chairman of ICMCI

 With your support we will be able to set up new value and services for all CMCs member of a worldwide professional community. A new and effective tool useful for all of us to celebrate our professionalism and the international nature of our profession.
Francesco D’Aprile
Vice Chairman of ICMCI

By-Law Resolution Vote Results

Dear ICMCI Trustees,

I am pleased to report that the Secretariat has tallied all of the votes received for the recent Resolution to revise the ICMCI by-laws, and the motion has been approved by the required super-majority (two thirds of all Trustees). Of the 54 Trustees eligible to vote, 45 voted in favour of the resolution (83% of the total), 3 voted against the resolution, and 6 Trustees did not register a vote.

As Secretary for ICMCI this term, I thank everyone for their consideration and effort. On behalf of the Governance Task Force that developed the proposal, please accept our appreciation for the strong level of support given to it.

The web site will be updated with the new by-laws in short order. The changes are timely:
• They support the transition to a Swiss Verein organization.
• They allow for regional Institutes, such as the new Caribbean Institute
• They streamline decision processes, allowing for decisions to be taken by a majority of Trustees participating in a properly constituted meeting
• Explicit reference is included for the first time to the Standing Rules
• ExCom is expanded to include two additional Vice-Chairs
• Committee names and roles have been updated to current practice
• Plus a number of other minor changes
In closing, I look forward to seeing you all in London in September.

Mark Nesbitt, FCMC

Good news

Dear Friends
It is with great pleasure that I tell you of a recent award to which ICMCI was a participant.  I quote Gabriel al Salem, Regional Director of EBRD for Kazakhstan:-
"Good news: the Kazakhstan BAS training-of-trainers in Core Consultancy Skills was recognised by the American Chamber of Commerce in Kazakhstan in its annual awards ceremony as the “Most Innovative Education and Training Program”.  Our work on CCS was the only entry from the EBRD in this year’s awards competition, and competition was tough – we won over a USD 650,000 oil industry training program of TengizChevroil, the Chevron joint venture working on Kazakhstan’s largest oil field"
 I believe this success was due to
• The choice and involvement of partners which made the material relevant and the course attractive to attendees
• Putting the course in the context of building capacity and capability in the Kazakhstan economy and thus ensuring a commercial market for the trainers and the trainees
• A training approach which ensured world class delivery, excellent trainees, reduced set up costs and above all else made the effort self sustaining
• Combining cultural sensitivity with international best practice.
And, above all, having the persistence and tenacity to make all this happen.

The programme on CCS was supported by the KACMC and in particular by Mukhtar Mussabetov who have included the course as one of its four requirements for a developing CMC.  The original "train the Trainers" course was provided through Calvert Markham's company Elevation Learning, and we should acknowledge their generosity in freely providing all their training materials for the course to be translated into Russian.  The ongoing mentoring support of the Canadian Association, especially Heather Osler and Nick Shepherd is also acknowledged.
I draw considerable pride for us all from this award.  It demonstrates ICMCI's ability to provide through its Members effective and valued support to the development of our profession in other countries.  We hold that indigenous professional management consultants build capacity and capability into an economy, and the stronger each and every economy the more that all our trades increase and this provides increasing opportunities for our profession.
So, please join me in congratulating the individuals Mukhtar, Gabriel and Calvert and the organisations EBRD and  KACMC.
Brian Ing CMC
Chairman ICMCI 2007-2009
PS Gabriel will be a speaker at our London Congress in September.  Why not come and hear more?

ICMCI Web site

Dear Participants in ICMCI.
Some of you will have noticed that the web site has changed dramatically. 
We had been preparing to change over to the new design, and had almost finished the first version, when our hand was forced.  Some of you reported problems with the old web site.  Some of the links gave the wrong pages, other pages were not accessible.  One of the reasons for progressing to an new web site that could be maintained by the ICMCI Secretariat (with all their backup of systems and people) was the identified risk of the old arrangements whereby a single contractor was responsible for maintenance.  This was demonstrated to be important early this April.  When the site began to malfunction, no contact could be made with the contractor.  This lasted for over a week with no sign of a resolution, and the decision was taken to switch over earlier than planned to the new design.  This was done at the beginning of last week.  Some of the wording was rushed through to enable this to happen, but can be amended properly in the near future.
You will notice that the web site makes the CMC the focus of every page and is a modern layout for a business web site.  There are several other benefits:
• The ICMCI Secretariat can amend the structure (adding new pages, and 
   new branches of the hierarchy), change the text and the layout, add 
   items to the library all without the use of the external contractor
• Our hosting fees are reduced through having a single host (under the old 
   arrangement we had www.icmcistatic pages linked to the web site and 
   these were hosted separately, and we had both the .org and .com web 
   sites on more expensive hosts than our new arrangements).
• We can at last close the www.icmci.com website that had the old 
   consultant Directory (that had not been updated during at least the last 
   four years); It was advised that this had to be kept live because our old 
   website at www.icmci.org shared a common database of names.
• We can control the lists of names on committees to have the chair first 
   and the rest in alphabetical order (or in Country order if we so wish and 
   it is appropriate)
• There is a now a Members section, that is Member Associations and 
   Institutes, and soon all Members will be able to update directly their 
   Association details (including trustee names and contact details): the 
   Secretariat will inform people separately of the arrangements for this.
• The cost savings of the new site will repay the development cost 
   (including the most expensive part, namely the graphics design) in a 
   matter of a  few months
• We can now update the list of Members: welcome to the Philippines a 
   whole seven months after their admittance!

So, what have we missed off that should be on the web site?  What do you feel is poorly expressed?  This is your web site and we would hope that you are now proud of it.  If you are, please tell us.

Yours in consulting
ExCom and the MOS Secretariat


It is one of ICMCI`s key objectives to create an international consultancy award. Austria`s CONSTANTINUS award is a step forward.

CONSTANTINUS is Austria’s most important and dynamic IT and consulting professionals’ award. UBIT - the Austrian National Professional Association for Management Consultancy and Information Technology - has created the CONSTANTINUS to promote excellence in consulting and IT-services. The CONSTANTINUS has so far been awarded since 2003 on an annual basis and has become the leading national award for knowledge-based services. It has been recognized by the Austrian Federal Government as the sole qualifying process for the Federal State Award 'Consulting/Knowledge based services'.

By opening the award to all ICMCI and FEACO members during the last few years, the CONSTANTINUS award has also become internationally.
The CONSTANTINUS will be awarded in 5 regular categories and 3 special awards, one of them being called 'Constantinus International', dedicated to cross-border consulting projects.
This international category is open for all members of any FEACO or ICMCI member organisation.

The award ceremony will take place in Lower Austria on June 16th, 2009 - Save the date!

We would like to ask you, to encourage the members of your institute to take part in this award and to submit an application to the CONSTANTINUS Club.

Furthermore, we would like to invite the presidents and general managers of the institute, all nominees and award winners to the award ceremony on June 16th, 2009.
This ceremony will be held in a famous Austrian castle and highlighted by a multimedia show on the topic: energy in life and in consultancy.

Being part of this is easy: Just go to www.constantinus.net (English version) and register for participation. The whole process is carried through online. Take your time and file in your best consulting project until April 17th, 2009.
In May 2009 an international jury will decide on the winners.

Scope of projects
Any applicant may submit up to two international projects completed before April 17th, 2009. International means, that the customer for whom the project has been completed is located outside the country of the applicant or that a significant part of the project (2/3 or more) has been executed and installed/submitted outside the country of the applicant.

The project must relate to one of the following disciplines:
    * Management Consultancy (MC)
    * Personnel and Training (PT)
    * Networking and Infrastructure (NI)
    * Information Technology (IT)
    * Open Source Software (OS)

Criteria for participation

Applicants must
    * be a member of a FEACO or ICMCI member association
    * have customer´s approval for the publication of the project
    * submit the completed application forms online by April 17th, 2009
      (free of charge)
    * allow publication and featuring in public (press, TV etc) by
       CONSTANTINUS CLUB in Austria, by FEACO, ICMCI and by the local

Kind regards,
Ilse Ennsfellner
Vice Chair ICMCI

Making a difference in countries where the SMEs are suffering with the global crisis.

Dear All,
I was fortunate enough to attend last week a workshop with the EBRD (European Bank for Reconstruction and Development) representatives responsible for developing the small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) in countries such as the Central Asian Republics and the Western Balkans.  ICMCI has a close and productive relationship with EBRD and I am seeking your help to to reinforce that relationship.
EBRD TAM (Turn Around Management) has a three month project to put together ideas and concepts to provide practical help to the SMEs in these countries.  SMEs that are being proportionally harder hit by the current global financial crisis than the SMEs in longer established economies.  They would like our ideas.  What they are seeking is mechanisms for leveraging the advice.  For instance "Conserve Cash" must be a message for these businesses but how to get that across is more difficult.  Remember these companies are run by entrepreneurs who have little experience of previous recessions.
I am aware of two of our Members having initiatives to help overcome some of the negative effects of the crisis in their own countries.  In Singapore , the local Institute has a scheme with the national government for time limited on the phone free advice to companies.  In the UK courses are being run for recently redundant managers to prepare them for consultancy (and to weed out those for whom such a career change is not suitable).
I am sure many others of you have taken local initiatives - or considered some that for practical reasons you have not been able to implement. I would like you in the next two weeks to send me all these ideas.  If you are not sure, please still send.  I will edit them together and send them to EBRD. I will also report them to you all in a briefing note.
I am convinced that in these difficult time it is our responsibility to be helpful to those who could become casualties of the current turmoil, especially those in economies without the resilience of past success.  I have every faith that you will support me to continue this view with your ideas and suggestions.
Yours in consulting in troubled times
Brian Ing CMC
Chairman ICMCI 2007-2009

Briefing Note 3 - Celebrating International Consultant's Day

Dear Friend and Colleague,

I am delighted to send you the third briefing note for Members.  It covers the celebration of International Consultants' Day.  This has developed from an original suggestion in 1999 and is in many countries becoming an annual celebration.  The note draws together current practice and makes some further suggestions.  I recognize that not all the suggestions will be culturally appropriate for everybody, but please use the paper to review your own practices and consider improvements.  I must thank Calvert Markham for his assistance in the preparation of this briefing note.

These briefing notes are interim and occasional papers in advance of our Marketing Committee providing coherent support for all the marketing activities.  That notwithstanding, I think there are some useful considerations for us in the briefing paper.  I would be pleased to hear your comments.

The next briefing paper is expected to be on the means of getting a Press Release published, you will have done the hard work of preparing it and you should hope for a high probability of publication.  There are techniques and advice which should raise the probability of publication..  This will be not so much derived from best practice amongst our Members, rather it derives from best practice elsewhere.

Yours in consulting
Brian Ing CMC
Chairman ICMCI 2007-2009

Briefing paper No. 3 >>


Dear fellow Trustees,

It is my duty to inform you all of the recent vote on the resolutions arising from the Singapore meeting in September 2008. I confirm that 43 votes were cast, out of a maximum possible of 54. The process was in accord with the procedures and bylaws of ICMCI.

On the finance resolutions:





Votes cast

Finance resolution 1:“Accept the 2007-08 Treasurer’s report”





Finance resolution 2: “Approve the three principles for the structuring of the fees in the future, and applying the World Bank economic factors for 2008-2009”,




Finance resolution 3: “Approve the proposed budget for 2008-09 (including an 8% fee increase on average, and the expense plan)”




The requirement for a resolution to be adopted by ICMCI is for a 50% majority of Trustees to vote for the resolution.  This requirement would be achieved with 28 (27 plus 1) votes for a resolution.  I declare that all three resolutions have been adopted.

Of the 43 voting Trustees, 5 made comments on the composition of the Nominations and Succession Planning Committee.  The comments from 4 were on the basis of the need for such persons to all have attended many ICMCI meetings.  Another added the need to consider having representatives who would assist spreading ICMCI Membership in areas of the world where the representation was poor.

Peter Sorensen has commented that the criteria for the committee covers both the 2009 elections and also identifying and encouraging involvement from those countries and Trustees who have not yet been active on the committees; hence the full title of “Nominations and Succession Planning Committee”.  It was thought that three of the committee provided enough coverage of the active attending Trustees, and that the overall composition enabled ICMCI to engage better in finding talent for the future ICMCI from all our Members. Brian Ing, who will by the bylaws of ICMCI be the next Chairman of the Nominations Committee, has told me that he has noted the comments and will consult broadly on the formation of the next Nominations and Succession Planning Committee.

I am delighted to see a nearly 80% participation by Trustees in the vote. Thank you.
Kind regards,
Mark Nesbitt
Secretary ICMCI
ICMCI Secretariat
P.O. Box 1058
The Netherlands
T +31 33 247 34 70
F +31 33 246 04 70
E info@icmci.org
W www.icmci.org


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